Bob’s Big Boy Menu, Burbank, CA, 1970s

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Bob’s Big Boy is perhaps as iconic as any Southern California restaurant chain, with its familiar Big Boy statues and its ties to L.A.’s classic Googie movement (architect Wayne McAllister also designed the original Lawry’s location on La Cienega, along with several other restaurants throughout the southland).

Bob’s Big Boy was originally founded by restaurateur Bob Wian in 1936 (as Bob’s Pantry), and the chain was acquired by the Marriott Corporation in 1967, which likely dates this particular menu to the early 1970s (I’m guessing by the number of locations listed that the Marriott had already spent several years expanding the chain into Nevada and Arizona).

Earlier iterations of Bob’s Big Boy menus are in serious demand, which speaks to the level of nostalgia that so many Angelinos have retained for this SoCal landmark. My grandparents lived in Glendale during the 1970s, so although I was too young to have any specific recollections of Bob’s Big Boy, I do remember that we dined there quite a few times, and that I was always eager to visit.

You can click on any of these images for a larger view. Enjoy!

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