Nut Tree Menu, Vacaville, CA, 1950s

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I’ve seen similar Nut Tree menus as this one dated all the way back to the 1940s, but the 20-cent coffee on this menu has me questioning such an early date. My rule of thumb for the 1940s is that coffee was 10 cents, so 20-cent coffee […]

Vintage Fruit Crate Labels, Lodi, CA, 1940s–1960s

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I finally became bored enough to scan some of my favorite vintage fruit crate labels from my hometown of Lodi, CA. For this posting, I focused specifically on grapes, which of course, includes lots of Zinfandel, as well as table grapes, such as the Flame Tokay.

These crate labels date […]

Antiques from Heritage Culinary Artifacts, Napa Valley

Hand-painted citrus juicer, Japan, 1930s-1940s.

Heritage Culinary Artifacts has been a staple at Oxbow Market ever since the venue opened in 2008, but the shop will close at the end of January 2013, after a five-year run. I definitely enjoyed browsing the ever-evolving display of antique cookware, which is now available for purchase online. […]

Al’s Chop Suey Menu, Oakland Fruitvale, CA

In Oakland, East Fourteenth Street became known as International Boulevard in 1996, so the former home of Al’s Chop Suey is currently occupied by Canchola’s Restaurant.

I discovered an old menu for Al’s Chop Suey while visiting an antique shop in Berkeley this afternoon. I dig this sort of thing, especially since […]