“The Appledore Cook Book” by Maria Parloa, 1878

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I pulled this 1878 edition of the Appledore Cook Book at an estate sale today. There were probably 400 cookbooks in the collection, and I skimmed off all of the old ones, probably 70 in total. Most of the cookbooks were from the 1930s to 1960s, with lots of […]

“The Natural Cuisine of Georges Blanc,” 1987

Zuchini Flans with Sliced Zucchini and Salmon Cream.

While killing some time between meals the other day, I finally turned up a copy of “The Natural Cuisine of Georges Blanc” at a used bookstore in Berkeley. It was a nice find, and one of the best discoveries that I’ve recently made “in the field” […]

“The Justin Wilson Cook Book” by Justin Wilson, 1965

Being in my 30s — and not being a native of Louisiana — my first exposure to Justin Wilson was from a Ruffles commercial in the mid-1980s. For better or worse, that was also the first time that I’d ever heard the Cajun dialect, a quirky easygoing patois that now has many associations for me, […]

“Gourmet’s Basic French Cookbook” by Louis Diat, 1961

Truffled Capon.

Vintage food photography continues to fascinate me, especially the quaint-yet-complex aesthetics of 1960s-era French cookery. Within an historical context, the early 1960s proved to be a pivotal era for both French and American cuisine: In France, the death if Fernand Point in 1955 marked the passing of a legend, but at the […]