1960s High-Hand Fruit Crate Label, Loomis, CA

This fruit crate label for High-Hand dates from the 1960s (the zip code is an easy tell). After the zip code’s creation in 1963, the USDA soon required fruit crate labels to display this new piece of data. It’s fairly easy to see that with this particular label, this zip code was simply tacked on to an existing label template (a common practice), since “Loomis, California 95650” is not center-justified, although “Loomis, California” (sans zip code) would have been. This particular label caught my attention because the High Hand Nursery still exists, and it’s worth a visit for lunch at the High Hand Cafe. The official website for High Hand offers the details, although I wish their site offered a more robust history section. Perhaps I missed it?

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