Paul Bocuse Menu, Lyon, France, Spring 1980

• • •

I was extremely fortunate the day I discovered a sizeable collection of vintage menus, all from the finest restaurants in France. I found them while rummaging through an antique shop in Berkeley, and from what I could gather, they were simply souvenirs collected by someone who liked to travel abroad and eat well.

All in all, I purchased about two dozen menus for just $20 total (a few weeks earlier, at the same shop, I scored an autographed early edition of Julia Child’s first cookbook for an almost embarrassing $3). Picks like this one fuel my motivation to keep digging for more treasures.

Eventually, I’ll post scans of all the menus from this amazing collection, but I thought I would lead off with what I consider the centerpiece, a signed menu from Paul Bocuse, who is considered the greatest chef of his generation, and the greatest living chef today.

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